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The Elder Alliance Militia / Ziost RemnantCasual, former SWG players, PvP, PvE, GSF, FP's, Ops, Conquest, chill, fun!


Star Forge


Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

April 6, 2019


EST / /Most active time ...4pm to 10pm (EST) , otherwise just depends on RL


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Crafting

Active Members

75+, 20 during prime time

Guild level

12 Republic / 13 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

After a 2-year break from TOR due to rl busy-ness (plus development duties on a certain Pre-cu emulator project also relating to the many Galaxies of Star Wars ) we are hoping to rebuild both of our guilds and continue the fun we started way back in Dec. 2011 when this game first launched and we all first began 'early beta' after SWG tragically shutdown.

Guild requirements

ALL levels, ALL roles (since we are constantly recruiting and rebuilding, just like BioWare does every 'season' ) - "Rules" for TEAM/ZiRe are: Be nice, be cool, be respectful. Pretty basic. No time for petty drama since we too busy playing and having FUN! (or "gambling" within our Rishi HQ w/ 'Contraband Slot Machines' lol ) ...Remember: it's a GAME after all, not a job.

How to join

If you're interested in helping us rebuild (or even merging your own struggling guild into ours) feel free to send me a forum PM at www.swtor.com forums...and/or in-game MAIL or in-game 'whisper' to: Neestar (republic) or Neevil (imperial)


Republic = typically 'small/medium yield ' for Invasions. Empire = typically 'medium/small yield' for Invasions.
Flagship: Star Horizon9/15 Rooms unlocked
TEAM's *Star Horizon* = Fully deco'd and discreet, with functional 'Contraband Slot Machine'
Flagship: Sun Crusher11/15 Rooms unlocked
ZiRe's *Sun Crusher* = Fully armed and operational, with rare decorations and functional 'Contraband Slot Machine'