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Satele Shan


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March 25, 2019



Guild description

Greetings friends and allies in the Force!

I bid you reverent regards from THE JEDI ORDER | Community of Guilds!

So, a little about our History. We started <JEDl> on Bria/SWG 14 years ago this past June 6th (2018). We have grown from a small tight-nit group of "Bol-grinders" into an international multi-thousand member community of role-players. Over our many years in SWG, we started to branch out from a Jedi only RP-leveling guild, into other aspects of the game. We formed many guilds on that server... <MANDO>, <ST-O>, <ARC>, <SlTH>, <JTD> and more. We had 3, rank 5 cities, and thousands of members that had joined us over the years.

Now, we have made the inevitable move to SWTOR! We have found AMAZING success here on the Begeren Colony server. Our 6 Guild Community now boasts over 4000 members, and is the greatestt SWTOR guild community on the Enjin gaming websites. Check us out at www.TheJediOrder.US

Each guild has a enticing and complex ranking system, access to their own personalized website, forums, and... we have a 6 guild merged community teamspeak 3 server! Now, we don't "solely" focus on RP, and most would not consider us "Hardcore/Heavy" RP. We are more "RP-based" and "RP-Friendly". Meaning... we don't force people to RP, just encourage it. In addition we have strongholds and Capital Ships for each guild as well.

That said... let me tell you about our Guilds.

THE JEDI ORDER = Jedi Classes only, https://www.thejediorder.us/jedi
Republic SpecForce = Trooper / Military styled RP guild (must use guild uniform) https://www.thejediorder.us/specforce
Republic Privateers = Smuggler guild, also bent on controlling market pricing on the GTN https://www.thejediorder.us/privateers

THE SITH ORDER = Sith Classes only https://www.thejediorder.us/sith
Mando'ade Aliite = Bounty Hunter Classes only, (Must use a MANDO style helm) https://www.thejediorder.us/manda
Imperial BlackOps = Imperial Agent Classes only. https://www.thejediorder.us/blackops

As I was, I am, I will.

Guild requirements

All our guilds have some similar requirements to join.

You must be over 18 years old
You must have a Star Wars, RP styled name. no, Darth Cheeseburgers or Master B'atorz. If it is not a good name, you can't get in.
You must be friendly to RP. We don't force RP, but it happens alot and we encourage it.
You must be willing to watch our guild's recruitment videos!

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE! Check out our website, and our Amazing 6 guilds, and recruitment videos! (www.TheJediOrder.US)

How to join

Once you decide to join, please register on the forums, and send a PM to Or-ion Sol