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The Serpent's Hand
A brand new guild looking to establish a well rounded, diverse and "anomalous" player base


Star Forge





Last Updated

September 16, 2023


PST,MST,CST,EST / Most active time 10pm-5am EST


  • Operations
  • PvP
  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Roleplay
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Crafting
  • Datacron Hunting
  • World Bosses
  • Galactic Starfighter
  • Open World PvP
  • Dailies
  • Heroics
  • Achievements

Active Members

3+, 3 during prime time

Guild Level


Guild Description

We are a brand new guild looking to create a diverse environment. We welcome players of all types including: Solo players, Group players (including PVP, PVE -including flashpoints, ops, etc.-, RPers, GSF pilots, etc.), Casual players and serious players. We want to build up our flagship and build a loyal base. Right now, we're looking for dedicated officers to create and train teams for things such as PVP for example. We are LGBT friendly and want a nurturing, kind and fun environment for everyone. Alts are allowed and if you'd like to bring in an army of alts, you may do so. If any issues arise, feel free to contact me in game (Lennido Pharrich). While building this guild, we plan on opening at least three more (2 Imps and 1 more Pub) to go with the theme, two for more casual players and the other two for more hardcore players with stricter requirements. Right now, we also play on other guilds including: House Alts, Steel Stars, Welcome to Czerka, and The Alderaanian Nobles on Pub Side and the Alternate Empire on Imp Side. Feel free to look up any of those guilds. We usually always hit conquest goal on each of them every week!

Guild Requirements

1. Please be kind to other guild members and players alike
2. No flaming or trolling (the best way for inexperienced players to learn is to teach them not hound them for playing "wrong")
3. No political talk please. We welcome people from all walks of life and just want to enjoy the game. We want this place to be a safe space.
4. Inactive accounts will generally be allowed to stay unless the guild becomes too full, at which point those that haven't been on for the longest amount of time will be kicked to allow new players entry, but until then...there won't be much kicking considering we want to be more laid back and casual (with groups emphasizing serious content)
5. Enjoy yourself. We plan on unlocking the entire flagship as time goes on and adjusting perks according to player needs

How to Join

If you would like to join, you could look us up using /who. All members will be able to invite should you whisper them. We'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have! If you see a recruiter ad, feel free to whisper them and ask away! If you're interested in becoming an Officer (we need a few officers to help train people in PVP/OPS/GSF/etc) to form your own leagues, contact one of us and I'll gladly bump you up to Officer. Officers will also vote on events!


Right now, we plan on Small Yield Conquests, but hope to expand to Medium and Large as time goes on!

Flagship: The Wanderer's Library

0/15 Rooms unlocked
Our flagship has the standard floor and officer decks unlocked, but we're hoping to gain more people to help unlock more for everyone!