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The Taris Elite CorpsJust have fun, be social, and follow the rules.


Darth Malgus





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July 22, 2020


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Guild description

We are primarily an RP/mil sim guild. We will take free-to-play, preferred, and subscribed players. We have a flagship that is currently lacking in decoration. We also have a ranking system based on player level (info in our Discord) and because this is RP here is a small bit of Lore for the guild-

--The 5th Tarisian Elite Corp was formed in 3653 BBY as an Elite force to secure and defend the destroyed planet of Taris while the Republic worked to rebuild the city on the planet. Sense its creation, the 5th have drasticly decreased the Rakghoul population and assisted in distributing the cure to the plauge. The 5th is adept at front line assaults and ambush tactics; as well as being trained to fight in extreme/hostile environments. In 3651 BBY the 5th was gifted there own Valor class heavy cruiser.

Guild requirements

1. Please play as Troopers.(Vanguard or Commando) If not, smugglers are allowed and jedi "can" be invited.
2. Male players use body sizes 2 or 3/Femail players use body size 1 or 2
3. Keep your name normal, no random letters or numbers in it.

How to join

You can msg the Guildmaster in-game, but the easiest way is to join our Discord. After that we will go from there. This a Military RP Guild so things need to make sense for the sake of immersion. If you wish too make a new character just for the guild you can. If you're name is something like the following we won't let you join. (xXfugitvx, yrnan, iislegend) -just use a normal name.


We will do conquests once we have more members.
Flagship: Rakghouls Bane
We need help to gather decorations and unlock the rest of the ship.