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Shadow's ReachThe finest Sith, Soldiers, and Warriors in the Empire


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January 31, 2021


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30+, 12 during prime time

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Guild calendar

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We are a new guild looking to expand, We are constantly looking for good leadership and new players to help with events! If you want to continue the Empires foothold within the Galaxy, join us within the Shadow's Reach.

Our second Stronghold is the Alderaan one, which we have set up and fully unlocked! Spreading our spheres out between the two strongholds to allow more RP potential for both SH's!

UPDATE: (Moving a lot into PVE and PVP areas as well, so we main RP, but are getting a great foothold in those areas as well!)

After the Outlander rejected Empress Acina’s proposal in 3627 BBY when the Empire failed to secure the Republic shipyard, Empress Acina dismantled her old dark council and formed a new one. Between the combined efforts of her newest councilors, Darth Naiya and Darth Cinerus, the Reach was formed. Along the way, Empress Acina promoted new councilors to join their ranks, allowing the Reach to grow and take shape. The Reach now acts as a hub for the Empire’s efforts, which include not only military and intelligence groups, but the Sith Academy and the Mandalorian Enclave (Empire aligned Mandalorians, not the Outlanders) as well. The Reach is Empress Acina’s will, led by her Dark Councilors and their followers, and they have maintained that will so far. With their combined efforts, the Reach have helped the Empire stake a larger claim on Alderaan, and command the Imperial Fleet with its flagship, the Voidwalker.

We can't wait to see you in the galaxy! GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!

Guild requirements

18 years or older

How to join

You must contact one of the Apprentices+ to join, they all have access to get you into the guild!


We Actively Are Doing Conquests Now! Either medium or large yields!
Flagship: Voidwalker15/15 Rooms unlocked
The 'Voidwalker' is the head ship of the Imperial Fleet.