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January 28, 2020


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55+, 15 during prime time

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Guild description

We are a new guild looking to expand, currently we have no seats taken on our Dark Council of 7 seats and no sphere leads. We are constantly looking for good leadership and new players to help with events! If you want to continue the Empires foothold within the Galaxy, join us within the Twilight Resurgence.

Little Backstory For Ya:

The Twilight Resurgence is a force made within the Empire under the rule of Empress Acina. Lead by her trusted Hand, Darth Imperium, to remake the Dark Council and push the Empire into the new age under her reign. When Darth Imperium took her spot, she recruited an exiled member of one of the Empires rebellions to be the Wrath and help destroy the Empires enemies. Bringing on Altum and granting him the title of Darth they were ready to forge a new path for the Empire to strive, and for the Dark side to increase its foothold within the galaxy. They now look to the Empires Public sith academy for recruits to join in their private operations to do so……..

Also you can contact Altum Surrik for an invite as well.

We can't wait to see you in the galaxy! GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!

Guild requirements

You can be any Empire class to join!

How to join

You must contact one of the Apprentices+ to join, they all have access to get you into the guild!
Flagship: Dominance15/15 Rooms unlocked