#SWTORfamily on Twitter

#SWTORfamily began as a Twitter Account and became a thriving hashtag. The aim was to support players of all shapes and sizes by retweeting Tweets using that hashtag. Now it’s not just about retweeting people – this hashtag started conversations, get reactions and enables people in the SWTOR Community to connect with each other on Twitter. Later, another player created an automated account that would retweet all tweets with the hashtag #SWTOR and #SWTORfamily, and the aim of this project was to have all SWTOR-related tweets on one page and to bring the community together.

  • Who can join? All players who play Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • How do you join? Follow @swtor_retweet to see all #SWTOR and #SWTORfamily posts, add the hashtag #SWTOR and/or #SWTORFamily to your tweets to share them with other players, or view #SWTORfamily posts by clicking here or  view #SWTOR posts by clicking here
  • Do you need to download anything? Nope!
  • Do you need an account? Yes, you will be able to create a Twitter account, which you can use to discuss SWTOR or any other topic you’d like. If you are not ready to make an account yet, you can view all #SWTORfamily posts here.
  • How many people are a part of this Twitter group? There is over 150 players posting per week creating about 500 posts, reaching over 700,000 other SWTOR fans
  • What type of content can you share and discuss? Screenshots from the game, character fashion, news and guides, artwork, achievements, and jokes

How to Join

Come join us on Twitter with the #SWTORfamily hashtag, a Twitter community focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  1. Create a Twitter account by visiting twitter.com
  2. Once you have created an account, subscribe to @swtor_retweet to join!
  3. To share a screenshot, artwork, or anything else about Star Wars: The Old Republic with other members of the community, add the hashtag #SWTORfamily to your tweet!


  • The Twitter community is a great place to share screenshots. You can upload multiple screenshots to one tweet to create a story or collage.
  • You can view the latest #SWTORfamily messages by visiting this link – this is a smaller community where more members know eachother
  • You can view the latest #SWTOR messages by visiting this link – this is the very public community where anyone who wants to talk about SWTOR posts